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Who We Are

We're a passionate team of people who want to bring Tokyo's Shokudo and Teishoku experience to the United States. Home to the world’s famous fish market, “Toyosu,” Tokyo attracts delicious foods from all over Japan. Diner-style restaurants in Japan, known as Shokudo, serve foods ranging from Teishoku or Japanese set meals, rice bowls to noodle dishes to Japanese curry and people enjoy delicious food and time with smiles at these casual restaurants. We genuinely hope to bring the Tokyo diner experience to people in the U.S. and look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants! 

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Corporate Philosophy

We want to become a company that can provide opportunities for all of our employees to pursue their material and spiritual happiness and that can create a place where customers feel a sense of happiness when they visit. We hope that sense of happiness ripples out, enriching the lives of our employees and their families. 

Business Goals 

We hope to offer a better workplace for restaurant workers and to make contributions to a more equal society. We’re working to provide delicious food and enjoyable dining experiences that can bring a sense of happiness to our customers in local communities. 

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